Investigator positions at the District Attorney’s Office are not entry-level positions in law enforcement.  Our office recruits and accepts applications from experienced candidates who possess a special skill set suited to the needs of the office.  Applications will only be accepted as positions become available. Open positions will be posted on this Web site along with an application in PDF format.  CLICK HERE to download an application.

Sgt. / INV I – these positions are in the Misdemeanor Division and require a TCLEOSE* basic certification or higher (including firearms proficiency).  Preferred candidates possess an associate’s degree and have at least two years investigative experience.

Sgt. / INV I (Community Prosecution Unit) — this investigator will work with the prosecutors in the Community Prosecution Unit (please see job posting for Assistant District Attorney in the Community Prosecution Unit for further information). This position will require the ability to work outside the typical 8:00 to 4:30 courthouse hours. If interested in this particular position, please attach a separate cover letter to the investigator application stating why you are interested and what experiences you have that are relevant to the position.

Sr. Sgt. / INV II – these are felony grade investigator positions that require a bachelor’s degree or TCLEOSE intermediate certification or higher (including firearms proficiency), and a minimum of six years law enforcement experience as a sworn officer having served in an investigative capacity for at least two of those years.

Spec. Inv. / INV III (Special Investigator) — same requirements as INV II but must also possess competent computer skills using Microsoft Excel and have prior experience investigating financial crimes. Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certification or accounting degree preferred.