Family Violence

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office created its specialized Family Violence Division in September of 1994, making it one of the first DA’s Offices in the nation to provide specialized prosecutors, investigators and advocates for all Family Violence cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. In 1995, Dallas County was the first county in Texas to establish a specialized Family Violence court.

This specialized court was so successful, that in 1999 the county created an additional Family Violence court to help manage the ever growing caseload. In 1997, Dallas County created a specialized Protective Order Court which is housed on the same floor of the criminal courthouse as the 2 dedicated family violence courts. This specialized Protective Order Court, the only one of its kind in Texas, hears all Protective Order Cases filed by the District Attorney’s Office.

The Family Violence Division has grown tremendously during the past 13 years and is currently made up of 3 units.

  1. The Protective Order Unit employs prosecutors, secretaries, and caseworkers who obtain POs (over 1000 each year) for any qualifying Dallas County resident. PO’s are obtained at no charge to the applicant, and do not require an appointment.
  2. The Misdemeanor Unit employs specialized prosecutors, investigators, secretaries, and caseworkers who are responsible for over 8000 pending cases in the 2 specialized misdemeanor domestic violence Courts in Dallas County
  3. The Felony Unit is comprised of experienced Family Violence prosecutors, investigators, caseworkers, and secretaries who are responsible for the more than 2000 felony domestic violence cases pending in Dallas County.

To contact the Family Violence Division, please call 214-653-3528.