The Federal Section of the District Attorney’s Office provides highly skilled legal advice and representation to the elected officials and employees of Dallas County, Texas, in connection with federal civil suits and administrative claims brought against them arising from the performance of governmental duties.

The staff of three attorneys and one administrative assistant is responsible for defending all federal civil claims brought against Dallas County and the representatives of its 36 subdivisions and departments. These departments include the Commissioners Court, the Sheriff’s Department, the Constable’s Offices, the District Clerk, the County Clerk, the Medical Examiner, the Elections Department, the Tax Assessor-Collector and all other departmental subdivisions of Dallas County.

The attorneys assigned to the Federal Section handle all federal civil suits brought against Dallas County and its officials in the United States District Courts, United States Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court involving substantial claims for damages and equitable relief. These federal civil suits include but are not limited to claims for civil rights violations, police misconduct, employment discrimination, personal injury and habeas corpus relief.

It is the ultimate objective of the Federal Section to provide high quality legal representation to Dallas County and its officials in the federal courts and protect the public interest of responsible government.