The Dallas District Attorney employs over 70 investigators.  They are certified Texas peace officers and provide expert support to the prosecutors of the office.  Investigators assist in all aspects of trial preparation.  Their primary duties include:

  • conducting detailed investigation of cases filed by Texas law enforcement agencies
  • locating and interviewing witnesses
  • serving subpoenas, arrest warrants and writs of attachment
  • collaborating with prosecutors on trial preparation and strategy
  • marshaling evidence, police personnel and civilian witnesses to trial
  • conducting special investigations as directed by the District Attorney
  • providing advice and assistance to other law enforcement agencies

Investigators are assigned to the Felony & Misdemeanor Trial Divisions as well as the following special sections: Organized Crime, Specialized Crime, Hot Checks, Identity Fraud, Family Violence, Child Abuse, Public Integrity, Juvenile, Drug Offender/Asset Forfeiture Unit, Probation Absconder Unit, Gang Unit, Grand Jury and Appellate Division.  They are an essential component of a prosecution trial team.  The Investigation Division is managed by the chief investigator, assistant chief investigator and 3 lieutenants.