Organized Crime

The Organized Crime Division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office employs nine lawyers and four investigators. This Division focuses three-fourths of its resources on prosecution of offenses related to illegal drug-trafficking; this also includes the prosecution of murders related to the drug trade.

A sub-section of this division specializes in the prosecution of Internet crimes against children and assists the local Internet Crimes against Children Task Force.  This sub-section also prosecutes human trafficking, child prostitution and criminal enterprises involved in the prostitution business.  Division lawyers also supervise the prosecution of illegal gambling offenses in Dallas County.

Members of the Organized Crime Division work closely with the North Texas Identity Theft Task Force in the investigation and prosecution of offenses related to the manufacturing and distribution of fraudulent identifying documents and financial instruments, especially when criminal organizations are involved.  The division works closely with Federal, State and local law enforcement in a concerted effort to protect Dallas County citizens from the criminal tyranny that unchecked organized crime can bring.