Public Integrity

The Public Integrity Division investigates all public servants who commit crimes under the characterization of their job. These cases can be some of the most sensitive and important cases that come thru the District Attorney’s Office. This division investigates police officers, jailers, elected officials, school superintendents, principals and teachers, for example.

The Public Integrity Division is an integral part of the District Attorney’s new reorganization plan to bring back confidence in the criminal justice system. Every single police officer-involved shooting, cases involving excessive force during an arrest or a death in custody is investigated and presented to a Grand Jury. Any police officer, constable or jailer that commits a crime such as sexual assault, official oppression, abuse of official capacity, violation of civil rights or any other offense while they are on duty is prosecuted by this division.

All of the investigations into school districts and their employees, who may have committed fraud or theft and therefore, stole from taxpayers, are handled by the Public Integrity Division. In addition, election fraud cases, cases involving fraud and abuse by attorneys or medical professionals are also investigated by this division. The cases that Public Integrity handles involve not only local and state agencies, but also federal agencies.