Access Information for Users with Disabilities

The Dallas District Attorney’s office is committed to making its website available and accessible to all users. Our website meets the current standards and recommendations as of February 2008

Web Accessibility Standards

During the site design and development process, our developers followed the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C’s) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.  Our site meets valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and valid CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) standards.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS!

Additionally, the Dallas District Attorney’s site meets the standards set in the Web-based applications section of the Section 508 standards.

508 Standards:

  • We provide a link, at the top of every page, to skip repetitive navigation.
  • A text equivalent for every non-text element is provided.
  • A text equivalent for every multi-media presentation is provided.
  • Web pages are just as accessible and readable if color is turned off or if a visitor has any kind of color blindness.
  • Documents are organized so they are readable without any associated style sheet.
  • No server-side or client-side image maps are used.
  • Tables on this site are used only for data and both row and column headers are identified.
  • No frames are used in this site.
  • Pages are designed to not include elements that flicker that could induce seizures in those who are affected by flicker.  When presenting information that may flicker (such as a flash video) warning is given to the viewer before he or she is exposed to the video.
  • Any scripts used in this site do not prevent the user from using or accessing the site if the script is turned off.  The search function provided on this site may not be totally accessible to all visitors, however those visitors can access every page in this site through the normal navigation system.
  • Where we have elements that require plug-ins to run on a user’s computer to access certain information (such as Adobe Reader or Flash), we provide a link to those programs.
  • We do not use any electronic forms on our site.
  • No pages or elements in a page require a timed response.

W3C – Web Content Accessiblity Guidelines 1.0

The Dallas District Attorney’s Websites meets all Priority 1 standards.

Level A conformance icon,            W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Additionally, the website meets most of the Priority 2 and Priority 3 standards.

Where there may be a question of accessibility on the website, a note on that issue will be provided to the user.

Site Search:
The site search function provided on the Dallas District Attorney’s office is provided by Google.  At this time, the results of the Google search can not be guaranteed to be WAI priority 1 compliant.

As an alternative to Site Search, users can use the regular navigation.

If you experience any difficulties with Accessibility, please contact our webmaster.