County Attorney

Change Will Happen in Dallas by the New Dallas County Attorney

January, 1st 2019 may be a historical day for John Creuzot, the new district attorney in Dallas County who wins the election day 2018. In this date, he was sworn to have his position as district attorney and the thing he firstly does is changing the staffs.

• He believes in Many Good Prosecutors
Creuzot believes that there are so many good prosecutors out there in his department, wanting to help and doing the right thing. So, Creuzot wants to give them chance to prove themselves and to show them and  what the right thing is.

He said that this is not about having a new District attorney, but about how the change will happen. As in his campaign, he promised to not tolerant of any of the misconduct behaviour of the prosecutors.

• No More Police Shootings
Because of the case of police shootings, the name of the police department is getting worse. Creuzot hopes that there will be no more police shootings happen in Dallas and even the can reduce the number of criminality in Dallas. It is a lot of work for him and his team, but they are optimistic that they can do it.

Creuzot wins the election against Republican Faith Johnson, who is the former Dallas district attorney. Johnson was praised of her achievement in sentencing Balch Springs police officer, Roy Oliver who murdered Jordan Edwards. However, her lowest point is because of the shooting of Botham Jean in September by police officer Amber Guyger. This is what Creuzot wants to avoid in his era.

Now, this is the era of Creuzot. Will this kind of accident happen again or not? Creuzot seems to know his priority which is to change the staffs and also fix their behaviour so they can be better prosecutors to make citizen save rather than murdering them.