Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order

Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order

Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order – Dallas County District Attorney, John Creuzot, was summoned to appear before Judge Tammy Kemp because of an interview with FOX 4. This article was published on September 22 while the trial began on September 23.

– Amber Guyger Trial
The news mentioned a former police officer who shot Botham Jean in his apartment. He suspected him of being a thief after he entered his “apartment”. He mistook his apartment as his own and gave him an oral warning. He did not take the warning seriously and he shot him.

What surprised people was that he was not fired until after his funeral. Then in November, the jury accused him of murder, not murder. The landmark trial began on Monday, September 23 and media throughout the world have been waiting for this moment. On that day, the official Dallas county website had more visitors than usual.

– Gag Order Violation
Ironically, FOX 4 got this news directly from John Cruezot. He gave a brief interview about the trial before the trial began. That caused Cruezot to appear before Judge Tammy Kemp because it was a direct violation under a joke order and it was not intended to be discussed in public. He has warned all parties not to discuss the case and he clearly expressed his frustration during the day of the trial, drawing many responses from the public.

He said that last night, DA. those who were appointed did interviews about the trial. It also surprised Guyger’s lawyer and they asked the judge to move the trial to a new place and ask for a cancellation of the trial. However, the judge denied it and still conducted the trial on schedule. The judge also voted 12 judges and all stated that they had not seen the news. The jury later found Guyger guilty of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

However, D. stated that he did not give a detailed statement about the trial. He was asked about the assistant D.A. who committed suicide. He was also asked about his work and how it would affect his mental health. However, nothing related to the Amber Guyger trial. He also ensured that the story would only discuss suicides.

Although he denied it, Judge Kemp still ordered him to appear before him on October 31 to explain the interview and he should not be insulted in disgust. He said that the interview undermined the Court’s ability to conduct its business with dignity and orderly and quickly.