Get to Know More with Dallas Country District Attorney John Creuzot

Get to Know More with Dallas Country District Attorney John Creuzot – The name John Cruezot has gained more attention since the case of Botham Jean in 2018 resurfaced. During the trial, Cruezot as an elected District Attorney did an interview with one of TV stations about the case and it made State District Judge Tammy Kemp frustrated. But, who is this Creuzot who gained more attention in recent years? Let’s learn more about him here.

Who John Creuzot Is
John Creuzot might be quite familiar in your ears, but you might know more about all the great online games offered in than about him. Creuzot is a new appointed Dallas District Attorney per 2018. Some people predict his winning because he has lots of experiences in his field.

He served as a lawyer and judged for more than 21 years, and he also served as Dallas Country Assistant District Attorney for seven years, criminal defence lawyer, and Chief Felony Prosecutor. He even received some awards related to his service as well as his works. If you are interested in criminal justice, you might have seen him a lot in news reports or television.

Controversial Decisions
Not only because of his works, but he also becomes famous because of his controversial decisions when he is appointed as District Attorney. The first and most controversial decision is that he won’t prosecute low-level crimes. During his three months in the office, he has dismissed around 1,000 drug possession cases. He also stated that his office wouldn’t proceed with the drug case with less than .01 grams. The decision gained positive response because Creuzot will allow people to get rehabilitation and have more chance to be free from drugs.

Not only involving drugs, but he also announced that he wouldn’t prosecute theft cases with less than $750, except for economic gains. But, different from the drug case, some don’t like the idea because some shoplifters won’t learn from their mistake and will be likely to repeat the same mistake. Some also believe that this decision will only encourage people to commit crimes.

He also gained more attention after the murder case of Amber Guyger trial. At the end of it, the court case against him has been dismissed.
It is only a year since John Creuzot elected as Dallas Country District Attorney. But, he had made lots of controversial decisions which sparks positive and negative responses about him. Let’s see what kind of controversial decision he will make in the future.