List of Dallas County Attorney

Get to Know with Dallas County District Attorney

Dallas is one of great city in America. Located in Texas, America, and Dallas known as one of populous county in America with more than 2 million people live on this county based on census in 2010. Like other county in America, Dallas County is led by commissioners court, and one of them is District attorney. Then, let us get to know with Dallas County District Attorney.

Dallas County District Attorney
Because Dallas is one of county in Texas and based on U.S., constitution, the district attorney is elected by governor and in Dallas County is appointed or elected by the Texas Governor. Like other district attorney in America, Dallas County District Attorney has a job to prosecute every single federal crimes and represent the America in the civil action. Of course, it is an important job in civilization issue.

Fortunately, district attorney is not a single fighter. Assistant district attorney help to reduce the workload of district attorney. Mainly, both district attorney and Assistant district attorney have job to prosecute a person or group who are suspiciously breaking the law. However, the job is beyond that. Besides prosecuting, both of them have other jobs. Guiding the trial, giving recommendation the offenders’ sentence, initiating the criminal investigation and directing the further indictment are examples of the job of district and attorney and its assistant.

List of Dallas County Attorney
Like other county in America, Dallas needs a person who have in charge to prosecute a person. Right now the district attorney is handled by John Creuzot. The democrat representative has appointed for two months here the list of DA:
• Henry Wade, 1951-1987
• John Vance, 1987-1998
• Bill Hill. 1999- 2007
• Craig Watkins 2007-2015
• Susan hawk 2015-september 2016
• Faith Johnson, September 2016- 2018
• John Creuzot, 2019- now
District attorney is an important public work to give a great sustain in the eye of law. Hopefully, the article above gives a clear comprehension about the Dallas district county attorney