How John Creuzot Could Won Over Faith Johnson for Dallas County District Attorney

How John Creuzot Could Won Over Faith Johnson for Dallas County District Attorney

The midterm election in the United States has done in November last year and John Creuzot won 60 per cent of the vote, became Dallas County District Attorney and was sworn in the New Year’s Day. Let’s have a look at how Creuzot could defeat Johnson in this election.

Faith Johnson couldn’t win over criminal justice activists
Even though Faith Johnson did prosecute cop, Roy Oliver who had killed an unarmed teenager, Jordan Edwards and she claimed that she has restored confidence and morale of district attorney’s office in public, she still couldn’t please the criminal justice reformers. She didn’t want to give transparency, bail, decisions of charges or other data collection from DA’s office.

In addition, she has been in a spotlight due to a case of Botham Jean, an African-American who has been shot and killed in his own apartment by Amber Guyger, a white police officer who thought that Jean’s apartment is her own apartment and he was an intruder. The case was taking so long and there had been questions raised on how police did the investigations on the case. When Guyger was given manslaughter charge, many activities did the protest of injustice happened in this case.

Another point that made her vulnerable on the past election was a rumour that actually Faith Johnson is Democrat. In one of the debates during the campaign last year, one of the participant asked why it was not mentioned that she’s a Republican in her campaign mailers. She denied this allegation. Johnson was not a candidate in the last election in 2014, her fellow Republican, Susan Hawk won an election, but she resigned after two years due to depression. Gov. Greg Abbott then appointed Johnson to replace Hawk position.

John Creuzot Offered Interesting Program for Criminal Justice Reforms
During the campaign, Crezuot has offered a program on how to reform criminal justice in Dallas. He claimed that he will stop the mass incarceration by changing the policy on low-level crimes such as a simple case of trespassing and first-time drug use. Mass incarceration became one of the problems occurred in the United States.

Creuzot programs including on evaluating the bail bond system and conducting a better criminal justice system. He stated that the prosecutors tend to send many people in prison even though they don’t have a threat to public safety. Creuzot appointed Kevin Brooks who worked in a long time period as Dallas County prosecutor to be his first assistant.