Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order

Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order

Dallas County District Attorney Violates Gag Order – Dallas County District Attorney, John Creuzot, was summoned to appear before Judge Tammy Kemp because of an interview with FOX 4. This article was published on September 22 while the trial began on September 23.

– Amber Guyger Trial
The news mentioned a former police officer who shot Botham Jean in his apartment. He suspected him of being a thief after he entered his “apartment”. He mistook his apartment as his own and gave him an oral warning. He did not take the warning seriously and he shot him.

What surprised people was that he was not fired until after his funeral. Then in November, the jury accused him of murder, not murder. The landmark trial began on Monday, September 23 and media throughout the world have been waiting for this moment. On that day, the official Dallas county website had more visitors than usual.

– Gag Order Violation
Ironically, FOX 4 got this news directly from John Cruezot. He gave a brief interview about the trial before the trial began. That caused Cruezot to appear before Judge Tammy Kemp because it was a direct violation under a joke order and it was not intended to be discussed in public. He has warned all parties not to discuss the case and he clearly expressed his frustration during the day of the trial, drawing many responses from the public.

He said that last night, DA. those who were appointed did interviews about the trial. It also surprised Guyger’s lawyer and they asked the judge to move the trial to a new place and ask for a cancellation of the trial. However, the judge denied it and still conducted the trial on schedule. The judge also voted 12 judges and all stated that they had not seen the news. The jury later found Guyger guilty of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

However, D. stated that he did not give a detailed statement about the trial. He was asked about the assistant D.A. who committed suicide. He was also asked about his work and how it would affect his mental health. However, nothing related to the Amber Guyger trial. He also ensured that the story would only discuss suicides.

Although he denied it, Judge Kemp still ordered him to appear before him on October 31 to explain the interview and he should not be insulted in disgust. He said that the interview undermined the Court’s ability to conduct its business with dignity and orderly and quickly.

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John Creuzot Talked about Botham Jean Shooting Case

The New Elected Dallas District County Attorney, John Creuzot has been taken a case of Botham Jean in November 2018 even though he had not been sworn yet. The case of Botham Jean has been in the public attention doubting Texas criminal justice system.

The Case
A 26-year-old African American, Botham Jean was shot and killed by 30-year-old Office Amber Guyger. Guyger confessed that she mistook Jean’s apartment as her own and thought that he was an intruder. The incident happened around 10.00 pm in South Side Flats, Cedars. Even though Guyger called 911, Jean died in the Baylor University Medical Center. On September 9, Guyger was charged with manslaughter and fired by Chief Hall two weeks after. Jean’s family filed a federal suit to seek the justice of Jean’s death. Public felt that there is injustice on how the police taking this case including why she turned herself in after three days of the incident, therefore there are assumptions that she had time to delete her social media account as well moved from her apartment.

Possibility on Changing to Murder Charge
In one of his interviews, Creuzot talked about the difference between manslaughter and murder charge. Manslaughter means if someone acted irresponsibly and make another person died and murder means that someone acted purposely and know that the action that he or she will do can cause someone’s death. In Botham Jean’s case, he said that most facts support a murder charge instead of a manslaughter charge.

Creuzot also stated that some forces that have been done by police officers to African-Americans, mostly men and people of colour is beyond necessary. Therefore, his hope of criminal justice reform means to reduce mass incarceration and he has a program which could be implemented for low-level criminal offenders and if they could finish the program, they could get the case to be dismissed.

Justice for Botham Jean
On November 26, a grand jury in Dallas County started hearing the case with pieces of evidence against Guyger. Four days after the first hearing, a grand jury has given the prosecution to Officer Amber Guyger for a murder charge. The panel stated that evidence was enough at manslaughter charge is not enough of what she has done to Botham Jean. With this new charge, Guyger could have a life sentence in jail.

With this new charge, there is a new hope for Jean’s family that Amber Guyger will not get light punishment as if an initial manslaughter charge. Jean’s mother, Allison stated that she is looking forward for a conviction for Amber Guyger hopefully a proper penalty.

Five Dallas County District Attorneys from Two Decades

A district attorney has various duties such as managing the district attorney office, do investigation for any crimes, collecting evidence of criminal charges. Below are five Dallas County District Attorneys from 1999 until presents.

– Bill Hill
Republican Bill Hill was elected twice and run as District Attorney from 1999 to 2007. He didn’t seek for the 2006 election since he had accomplished his mission including prosecution of six inmates in 2000 and new policies related to police fake-drug scandal in 2001.

– Craig Watkins
Born on 16 November 1967, Craig Watkins was elected as Dallas district attorney in 2006 and became the first elected district attorney who is African-American in Texas. He started his career in attorney offices in Dallas as well public defender. During his time as DA, his main focus was child abuses cases and using DNA testing to resolve wrongful conviction cases. After finishing his duty in 2015 as DA, he had a private practice for complex cases of personal injury and criminal defence.

– Susan Hawk
Before elected as Dallas County District Attorney in 2014 defeated Democrat Craig Watkins, Susan Hawk was a state district judge for 11 years. She is known as a conservative from the Republican party. Hawk didn’t complete her four years term and resigned on September 6, 2016. The main cause of her resignation because depression related to her personal life issues including her divorce in January 2015, pain pills addiction and thought of suicide.

– Faith Johnson
Faith Johnson is the first African American female who served as District Attorney in Dallas County. Serving for 17 years, Johnson was also the first African-American judge in Texas criminal district. Faith Johnson was appointed by when Susan Hawk stepped down for her position in 2016. Faith Johnson fought John Creuzot from Democrat during November 2018 election as 2019 District Attorney where Creuzot won the voting.

– John Creuzot
Known as a reformer, John Creuzot is a retired judge which has served for more than 21 years. Creuzot’s mission is to do criminal justice reform in Dallas and one of the steps was firing 12 prosecutors before he was sworn on 1 January 2019. Creuzot won with 60% vote from the former DA Republican Faith Johnson.

With their own characteristics and approach, these five district attorneys have given their best for the county. A district attorney represents how government prosecutes in criminal cases. It could be from low-level crime such as vandalism until serious and complex criminal cases.