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Getting to Know More About New Dallas County District Attorney

John Creuzot is the new elected Dallas Country District Attorney. Creuzot has 21 years’ experience as being a judge and known as a reformer. One of his missions is to push for criminal justice reform. Here is what you need to know about the new Dallas Country District Attorney.

He Won the 2018 Election
Democrat John Creuzot won an election for Dallas Country District Attorney which was held on November 6, 2018. He defeated Faith Johnson from Republican who had been appointed with this job by Government Greg Abbot to replace Susan Hawk who was also from Republican and stepped down from her position due to a mental health issue in 2016. John Creuzot was sworn in New Year’s Day in his office.

His Experience in Criminal Justice
John Creuzot is well known in the criminal justice system due to his experiences. He was appointed in 1992 by Governor Ann Richards as a felony district court judge, continue to serve the country with this position more than 21 years and retired in 2012. Besides this position, he also had worked as Dallas Assistant District Attorney as well Chief Felony Prosecutor for seven years. Creuzot is well known for his work especially for criminal justice reform, drug courts and sentencing based on evidence.

National television and news channel regularly invite him as an expert for various topics related to criminal justice. He also had given several lectures and courses to National Judicial College, National Drug Institute as well National Centre for State Courts. He is often invited to be a speaker for several seminars related to drug court subject.

To End Mass Incarceration
One of his missions when he did his campaign last year is to end mass incarceration. He highlighted regarding too many people are in prison in the United States at this moment. Therefore, the system of criminal justice needs to be evaluated since the prisons have too many first-time with a low-level offender. He also wants to implement the new system for not prosecuting simple criminal trespassing cases which usually will make the homeless to be put in jail. Instead of putting them in jail, relocating them will be the better solution.

By having Cruezot to be in charge as the new Dallas County District Attorney, it will be a new era of persecution and criminal justice system. Cruezot will be in charge of this position for four years term.

Change Will Happen in Dallas by the New Dallas County Attorney

January, 1st 2019 may be a historical day for John Creuzot, the new district attorney in Dallas County who wins the election day 2018. In this date, he was sworn to have his position as district attorney and the thing he firstly does is changing the staffs.

• He believes in Many Good Prosecutors
Creuzot believes that there are so many good prosecutors out there in his department, wanting to help and doing the right thing. So, Creuzot wants to give them chance to prove themselves and to show them and  what the right thing is.

He said that this is not about having a new District attorney, but about how the change will happen. As in his campaign, he promised to not tolerant of any of the misconduct behaviour of the prosecutors.

• No More Police Shootings
Because of the case of police shootings, the name of the police department is getting worse. Creuzot hopes that there will be no more police shootings happen in Dallas and even the can reduce the number of criminality in Dallas. It is a lot of work for him and his team, but they are optimistic that they can do it.

Creuzot wins the election against Republican Faith Johnson, who is the former Dallas district attorney. Johnson was praised of her achievement in sentencing Balch Springs police officer, Roy Oliver who murdered Jordan Edwards. However, her lowest point is because of the shooting of Botham Jean in September by police officer Amber Guyger. This is what Creuzot wants to avoid in his era.

Now, this is the era of Creuzot. Will this kind of accident happen again or not? Creuzot seems to know his priority which is to change the staffs and also fix their behaviour so they can be better prosecutors to make citizen save rather than murdering them.

How to Apply Internship Program in Dallas County District Attorney Office

Internship program is a great opportunity for college student to expand their experience in the real working world. With low working pressure, we suggest that Student College make a great choice about the institution as the destination. If you settle in Dallas and majoring in law, we suggest to choose Dallas county district attorney office. Here we are on how to apply internship program in Dallas county district attorney office.

Where to Reach the Information
One of the hardest things to apply internship program is getting the information. It is like finding the needle in the haystack. But, it does not happen again after connecting internet is an easy and cheap activity. The candidates can get it easily on the internet or you can read the announcement in Dallas county district attorney website. Moreover, you can get the further information via email. We suggest that the candidates can send the email and ask about the internship program. For information, the candidates can address the email on Make sure that the candidates use the formal language and ask the information clearly. Be careful, your hand-written is assessed by the institution.

Appropriate Time to Apply
Beside information, time to apply is a something that you need to consider. There is a say: right time for the right place. There is a possibility that you are a good candidate but at the time you apply the program, the institution does not open the internship program. Thus, make sure that you know the right time to apply it.

For your information, the Dallas county district attorney office does not open the internship every month. Commonly, the internship program is available on summer holiday. Then, make sure that the candidates apply it on the right time.
Internship program has positive sides which can help you to increase your capability. After all, Dallas county district attorney office s a great place.

5 General Requirements to Apply Internship Program in Dallas County District Attorney

Dallas County District Attorney is a well-known office which is located in Dallas, Texas, United States. This is a prestigious office for people who are interested in working in the legal realm. Curious about this position? Let’s take a look at these 7 Tips on How to Work in Dallas County District Attorney.

Firstly, graduation from an accredited school. Preferably, bachelor or master’s degree in the field considered. According to the last vacancy, law and administration field get the highest portion. However, it does not mean that other bachelor field does not have any chances to work in Dallas county district attorney office.

Secondly, having work experience min. 1 years’ experience in the field considered. This is the prerequisite that you need to consider. The Dallas county district attorney office does not give any tolerance about this prerequisite. Thirdly, having the good personal and interpersonal skills. Dallas county district attorney office urge the candidates to work in group or individual. Mostly, the majority of job in Dallas county district attorney office are available in group rather than individual.

Next, willing to work under pressure is a must. Dallas county district attorney office set the high standard on the work habits on the office. Because Dallas county district attorney office has a high-great connection with the politic, the candidates should have experience working under pressure. Last but not least is that the candidate who have a deep understanding about law, politics and other social issues have the big chance to be the shortlisted candidates. Dallas county district attorney office has a great standard on choosing the best candidate.

Because the candidate will work in public service institution, they need to comprehend on several pubic issues.
Therefore, those who are thrilled to work with dedicated public servants and challenging issues are better look at this 7 Tips on How to Work in Dallas County District Attorney.