Staff Changing in Dallas County, 12 Were Fired

Staff Changing in Dallas County, 12 Were Fired

Twelve people were fired from their position in criminal justice platform of Dallas County. This was done by the winner of 2018 election, Democrat John Creuzot, which decided to change the staff before he took office.

• Staff Changing in Order to Get Better Working Environment
Creuzot claimed that he had done this change in order to get a better place in working. He wanted to give better access to mental care and health, drug treatment, and another way to improve the work. He also said that they may give additional training.

His act is in line with what he said in his campaign that he will not tolerate any misconduct in his era. So, rather than punish the prosecutors and welcome them back in the office with a chance of doing misconduct again, Creuzot chose to fire them including the head of the juvenile, head of crime against children, chief of federal litigation division, and the chief or the appellate division. It is quite shocking that who Creuzot fired are the top attorneys.

• Change into Not So New Prosecutor
It is not uncommon to change the staff, but this massive numbers may make public asking some questions about what were they do. However, Creuzot did not explain the reason further why those 12 prosecutors were fired.

One thing which is clear is that Creuzot selected Kevin Brooks, longtime Dallas County prosecutor, as his first assistant. Fire some people and get someone experienced may be a better choice for Creuzot.

This staff changing may be shocking, but Creuzot seems to know his priority which is to reduce mass incarceration and also reduce the tax for criminal justice intervention. He also said that he would spend 90 days in office then he will give the detail of plans to meet his priority. Well, let’s see how it will work.