Five Dallas County District Attorneys from Two Decades

Five Dallas County District Attorneys from Two Decades

A district attorney has various duties such as managing the district attorney office, do investigation for any crimes, collecting evidence of criminal charges. Below are five Dallas County District Attorneys from 1999 until presents.

– Bill Hill
Republican Bill Hill was elected twice and run as District Attorney from 1999 to 2007. He didn’t seek for the 2006 election since he had accomplished his mission including prosecution of six inmates in 2000 and new policies related to police fake-drug scandal in 2001.

– Craig Watkins
Born on 16 November 1967, Craig Watkins was elected as Dallas district attorney in 2006 and became the first elected district attorney who is African-American in Texas. He started his career in attorney offices in Dallas as well public defender. During his time as DA, his main focus was child abuses cases and using DNA testing to resolve wrongful conviction cases. After finishing his duty in 2015 as DA, he had a private practice for complex cases of personal injury and criminal defence.

– Susan Hawk
Before elected as Dallas County District Attorney in 2014 defeated Democrat Craig Watkins, Susan Hawk was a state district judge for 11 years. She is known as a conservative from the Republican party. Hawk didn’t complete her four years term and resigned on September 6, 2016. The main cause of her resignation because depression related to her personal life issues including her divorce in January 2015, pain pills addiction and thought of suicide.

– Faith Johnson
Faith Johnson is the first African American female who served as District Attorney in Dallas County. Serving for 17 years, Johnson was also the first African-American judge in Texas criminal district. Faith Johnson was appointed by when Susan Hawk stepped down for her position in 2016. Faith Johnson fought John Creuzot from Democrat during November 2018 election as 2019 District Attorney where Creuzot won the voting.

– John Creuzot
Known as a reformer, John Creuzot is a retired judge which has served for more than 21 years. Creuzot’s mission is to do criminal justice reform in Dallas and one of the steps was firing 12 prosecutors before he was sworn on 1 January 2019. Creuzot won with 60% vote from the former DA Republican Faith Johnson.

With their own characteristics and approach, these five district attorneys have given their best for the county. A district attorney represents how government prosecutes in criminal cases. It could be from low-level crime such as vandalism until serious and complex criminal cases.